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Here are answers to our customer’s most frequent inquiries.

How does EziReturn works and Service Cost?

It is an automatically applied charge of USD $1.00 for every USD $50.00 of the package’s declared value.

Does EziReturn covers packages that were received damaged in Miami?

No, EziReturn ONLY covers the returning of packages cleared in Jamaica with authorized shippers returns.

Which items are not covered by EziReturn program?

See the list of Forbidden Items on JCA Website.

If I purchase an item that I do not like, or wrong size can I return using EziReturn?

Yes, EziReturn accepts any type of authorized returns. You must obtain a Return Authorization from the Shipper (original seller), and CGL will return your package, free of charge. CGL covers the return shipping cost but does not cover the value of the item. CGL is not responsible for the return policies of the seller.

Please be advised most Return Authorizations have expiration dates. The package and all required documentation for return shipments must be presented at a local CGL store at least 3 post business days of collecting from CGL office and 15 business days before expiration of the Return Authorization. Keep in mind that many shippers do grant extensions. If required, the customer must request and manage the corresponding extension directly with the seller. For more information, please refer to Warranty and Returns Program (EziReturn) program’s Terms and Conditions.

How do I return a package?

You must contact the shipper or manufacturer to obtain a Return Authorization. Neither CGL nor its affiliates are responsible for contacting the supplier or manufacturer for said Return Authorization. Once authorization is granted, the customer must contact CGL’s Customer Service to receive return instructions. CGL must receive all required documents and merchandise no later than 3 post business days of collecting the item and 15 business days prior to the return authorization’s expiration date.

What do I need to return a package to the shipper?

The requirements are: – A Return Authorization issued by the shipper or manufacturer. – The original invoice. – The package.

What is Returns Program (EziReturn)?


Our EziReturn program defines our high-quality service with our purchase protection program.

EziReturn covers lost, stolen and damaged shipments, and applies to only packages with confirmation of receipt in our Miami warehouse, all the way to your hands. Packages must have been scanned and process by our warehouse. CGL does not covers shipper’s confirmation of delivery only.

EziReturn covers Total Invoice Value excluding taxes and shipping. We also cover Returns! In the event that you receive an incorrect item, an item that does not meet your expectations, or your item stops working and is under warranty, CGL covers the cost of the return to the shipper, free of charge.

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